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I have a problem with the steering wheel controls working on my Pioneer
Last Updated 6 years ago

Pioneer head units can have different rest voltage for the steering wheel control input. This can cause the steering wheel controls to function incorrectly. There are Two Solutions available:
  1. If you have purchased the APPIOA and the steering wheel controls are not functioning correctly, you will need to remove the link between pins 7 & 8 (see Fig 1 below). Link can be removed by de-pinning the block using a small screw driver.Once link is removed from patch lead, disconnect power from steering wheel control module for 30 seconds so the Module will recognise the change to the patch lead.
  2. If option 1 does not correct the problem, you will need to purchase the APPISOA. The APPISOA will suit both Pioneer and Sony head units. The APPISOA has an in-line PCB which automatically detects which brand unit is being installed and adjusts programming to suit the after market unit .

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